Discover 5 top techniques to improve your public speaking.

Do you know that public speaking is more important in leadership? Yes, to be the best communicator or speaker is meaningful because a leader is called to be more of his time in front of others, holding meetings and so on. That is why some skills about how to unlock the natural talents as a communicator are needed. Here are some tips to help you to impact your public speaking as a leader.


  1. Know what your audience needs.

Your first thing to know is that speakers’ task is to give information. Leaders match information with the needs and desires of others who share their vision. Persuasion, enlightenment, and inspiration require engaging not only the minds but also the hearts of listeners.

  1. Have a clear, a concise and a consistent message.

To speak too long is not the characteristic of the best speaker.  An example given is what happened in America. On November 19, 1863, at a ceremony at once civic, military, and spiritual, famous orator Edward Everett spoke for two hours at the dedication of a Union cemetery during the American Civil War. The next speaker, President Abraham Lincoln, spoke for two minutes. He uttered ten sentences consisting of 271 words and everyone still remembers his message. A clear, concise, consistent message is the best to way to deliver a message.

  1. Develop a powerful voice.

Every leader must find his appropriate voice characterized by the uniqueness and the courage and develop a physical power of voice. To develop a physical power of voice does not mean to pass over honesty and trust that should emerge from your style. It is rather to reinforce them.  The most remembered powerful speaker is Martin Luther King, Jr. in his speech.

  1. Use effective nonverbal communication.

Speaking is not only uttering words loudly. Leaders not only sound powerful; they look powerful too. They use «Effective Body Language.” Movement and gestures matter; pauses and silence, timing, and an awareness of the nonverbal signals can put the audience in the accurate mood.

  1. Be action-oriented in your speeches.

Believe in what you and do it audaciously, show the righteousness in your speech. Aiming for action from your listeners is one of the best ways sometimes the only way to measure the success of your speeches and presentations.

After exercising these tips, everyone will mention a change in your way of leading. A good public speaker is fearless and credible.

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