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Hello, I am Fabrice Iranzi, and I am glad you are here because we will be talking about the Democratic Republic of Congo. Yeah, you know it, DRC is huge, and what is happening here in Kinshasa is huge too. Follow me as I try to understand what is happening here in politics, business, culture and much more.

So what is happening in DRC right know?

Let me tell you the truth, everything is happening here. Let us start by the news, the upcoming election is hot. The country is most likely to have new leaders by the end of this year, and some people are excited about that. Right now politicians are very busy, the game is on, each and every political coalition pulling opportunities on its side. According to the electoral calendar, pre-electoral campaigns are set to start this November 2018, so everything is moving fast.

DR Congo election: Emmanuel Ramazani Shadari presented officially as a presidential candidate.

The opposition intensifies their fight against the voting machine but surprisingly the option to boycott the election is not on the menu. The presidential Majority and the Common Front for the Congo officially presented their presidential candidate and it was a big event, the police report that at least 180k people attended this event, a statement that the opposition doesn’t believe in of course.

But beyond politics and elections, Kinshasa is alive, the music, Matonge, Mama Melewa, Kuluna, Ujana, Koffi, Fally, Lebanese, Chinese… yeah, everything is still around. And there is much to discover because we don’t know that much about this big city of DRC. How more than 12 millions people make a living? How politicians are warming up for the election? Or how the Congolese Music Industry is evolving in this digital market-related era?

I am curious, and there is so much to be curious about, those question you are asking about DRC and especially about Kinshasa I am asking myself those too. So don’t miss out my updates, I will try to be as consistent as possible, I will ask many questions so we may get right answers, I will test and try various experience and rest assured that I will share the whole story.

Will I be neutral?

Probably not, but I can promise that I will be honest and share with you what I think about the trend, news, and events happening around me. And I will not be talking alone you will have an opportunity to share your experience and comments as well, you don’t have to agree with me, challenge me and share your side of the story. I hope to meet new people, experience the “Kin Spirit” or “la Kinoiserie” and beyond that have fun as I share stories with you.

Why did I decide to share stories about DRC and Kinshasa?

Have you experienced that day when you arrive home at night, tired but have many stories to share and don’t know where to start? That is the way I feel every time when I follow the news, discuss with people here in Kinshasa. Everything’s amazing and so unique, sometimes crazy in my point of view that I can’t help but tell the story. So stay tuned..

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