DR Congo President, Tshisekedi, and Kabila agree on coalition government arrangement.

DR Congo President, Tshisekedi and Kabila have agreed on coalition government arrangement. This follows a reported meeting by AFP  between the two that took place to discuss how to set the coalition government arrangement.

As Kabila has won the majority of seats in the Parliament, his coalition will have a say in choosing the next Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, according to an agreement between his coalition and that of the incumbent president, reports Africa News.

THE BIG PICTURE: President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Félix Tshisekedi, met his predecessor, Joseph Kabila, in late February for talks aimed at the formation of a coalition government following the December 30, 2018 elections.

According to Africa News, DR Congo presidency confirmed the meeting via an official statement saying the two had met at the residence of President Tshisekedi – initially holding talks between only the two of them before two other government officials joined together.

The two camps to choose the next Prime Minister’.

This means that Kabila’s Campb and Felix’s camps have agreed to choose the Prime Minister together where the two former rival camps will aim for one course in choosing the next PM.

Whiles Tshisekedi-led CACH won the presidential polls of December 2018, Kabila’s FCC had the majority of lawmakers as per results of the National Assembly polls held along with the presidential poll.

The statement issued by the two former rival camps said the move was part of: “their common will to govern together as part of a coalition government.”

‘The deal to strengthen the peace and stability of the country’.

African News reports that the statement of the two former rival camps further said the coalition government aims to preserve “the achievements of the historic peaceful transfer of power that took place on January 24, 2019, to strengthen the climate of peace and the stability of the country and facilitate the rapid establishment of a government.”

It should be noted that Kabila’s coalition had recently denied reports of this coalition government arrangement between Felix Tshisekedi and Joseph Kabila.

Over a hundred days after taking office in January this year, president Tshisekedi has yet to name a Prime Minister – who is the leader of government business under DRC laws.

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