Dubai police is training its Officers to fly Hoverbikes.

We have been knowing facts like super sports cars, Lamborghinis and Bugattis as Police vehicles in Dubai, but this time, they have taken means of security to another level.

Dubai Police has introduced hoverbikes for the police and is training officers to use them.


A California based startup, Hoversurf has gifted the Dubai Police hoverbikes and is training officers to use them. In 2017 oversurf had shown a hoverbike with Dubai police colors in an expo, which interested the Dubai police to have a deal with Hoversurf. This year Hoversurf introduced a new series of hoverbikes the S3 2019 HOVERBIKE model which are the ones the Dubai police is using for training. The du bai police chief of artificial intelligence states that he aims the Dubai police will be using hoverbikes in the coming 2 years.

dubai police colors on hoverbike

This is one year after the California based startup Hoversurf unveiled their hoverbike at the Gitex Expo colored in the Dubai police colors. This time it has introduced a new electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle model, the S3 2019 hoverbike.

They had signed an agreement back in 2017 and now Hoversurf has given the Dubai Police the first series of production of the S3 2019 Hoverbikes.

The eVTOL will help the Dubai police access areas that are hard to reach, according to the general director of artificial intelligence at the Dubai Police, Brigadier Khalid Nasser, he aims to have hoverbikes in action in the next 2 years, in specifically 2020.

He stated that two crews are already taking training,  “Currently we have two crews already training (to pilot the hoverbike) and we’re increasing the number,” he said.

In addition, the hoverbike producing company Hoversurf informed that the Dubai police are welcome to order for more hoverbikes if needed.

“They’re going to let us know in the next month or two if they’d like any more … If they would like 30 or 40, we’ll make it happen for them,” Segura-Conn, the Chief Operating Officer at Hoversurf.

Also, know that the hoverbikes are not only produced for the Dubai Police or any Police in general, but the hoverbikes are also available for civilians too.

With US$150.000, YOU can own one with a caution that you are able to handle the hoverbike. In countries like the US, the hoverbikes owner does not need a pilots license to operate it.

Lastly, Hoversurf is planning to set manufacturing plants for their latest hoverbike model, Segura states and explains that they are in talks with 3 companies in different locations around the world including Dubai to set manufacturing sites.

However some state that the hoverbikes are “pretty limited” when it comes to potential work of police, and battery technology not forgetting the way they look too much fun to ride.

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