The Ebola outbreak in Congo to be the worst in DRC history.

Current Ebola virus to be the worst in DRC history ever since the virus was detected in 1976.



The Ebola virus has killed dozens of people in Africa in the past 5 years, in the East African region the virus has been reported to be in some areas and in the later the virus is reported to be in the Democratic Republic Of Congo where 300 cases have been reported. In DRC the virus was first detected in 1976 according to reports and states that this current outbreak is the 10th recorded. According to the World Health Organization, the virus is likely to spread to the neighboring countries like Burundi, Uganda, and Rwanda if no quick response is taken to fight against this virus.

Medical assistants have tried to do their best in the fight against this virus but they face many challenges due to the countries situation to the extent of losing their lives with other causes.\


While the Ebola outbreak is recorded to have killed more than 200 people since the outbreak erupted in August this year. 300 people have been confirmed to have the Ebola virus since then.

In Beni, a city in the north part of Kivu, the Ebola cases half the total cases according to the health ministry.

Recorded to be the deadliest ever in DRC, the minister of health in DRC, Ilunga Kalenga says that the figures now exceed that outbreak. “No other epidemic in the world has been as complex as the one we are currently experiencing,” he said.

Hindered by not only Ebola but also by groups of militants in that area where aid agents hardly work due to the threats, kidnapping, and destruction of their equipment.

The health minister adds that even people have been killed in attacks, “Two of our colleagues in the Rapid Response Medical Unit have even lost their lives in an attack,” he said.

This problem of militants has reduced very much the work of some of these agents working to fight this virus due to lack of new tools.

The world health organization reports that it is likely to spread to the neighboring countries of DRC if no quick action is implemented to fight against the virus.

Although this is a problem, doctors believe that there is a vaccine that can be taken to protect people who haven’t yet been diagnosed with Ebola or who haven’t come in contact with its victims.


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