Get to know and Learn from Mwiseneza Josiane, a courageous Miss Rwanda candidate.

Mwiseneza Josiane is a much-followed candidate in Miss Rwanda tournaments which are running towards completion. She has amazed huge fans due to her ambitions and popularity, taking into account that he has come from the countryside to compete in the Miss Rwanda Tournament.

It has been a regular custom for Miss Rwanda candidate to come from Kigali town, but Josiane Mwiseneza chose to meet this challenge and participate in this tournament despite her gloomy background. To her surprise, she is garnering many votes and she is being predicted to win the Miss Rwanda tournament.

Since the first post of Miss Rwanda on Facebook, Mwiseneza Josiane has got many thousands of likes and shares. In the Facebook comments, she is being lauded for her courage to compete with other ‘Kigali towners’ despite being criticized not to make it.

Her background.

Mwiseneza Josiane comes from an impoverished family from the countryside of Rwanda, in the Western province, in Karongi. She and her siblings are with their mother because their father is dead.

On the Facebook page of Miss Rwanda, Mwiseneza’s neighbors revealed that it was the first time they heard about the Miss Rwanda because they thought that Miss Rwanda is only for ‘Kigali citizens’.

Her neighbors did not believe that Mwiseneza could make it, but now they are amazed at how she is transforming her physique, taking care of the then natural hair.

What moved Josiane to aspire to Miss Rwanda competition?

Miss Rwanda Facebook page reveals that Josiane has always been aspiring to become a Miss Rwanda since 2017 when she finished her secondary studies. She says that becoming a Miss Rwanda has been in her ‘dreams’ that she would follow through no matter what’.

She went on practicing how she may be seen as like outward appearance of the Miss Rwanda by practicing how to walk like Miss Rwanda, being examined closely by her close friends.

The trip toward the first stage of the Miss Rwanda Tournament place has been a major challenge for Mwiseneza Josiane.

As she was low on budget, she mustered up courage and set for the destination, traveling about 20 km from her hometown.

She reveals that she was on a hurry to reach the destination that she tripped and injured one of her left toes. Onlookers were somehow amazed by her courage despite her humble appearance.

All of this has moved fans around the world to pledge to support her till she wins the Miss Rwanda Tournament.

Miss Rwanda winner prizes.

The Miss Rwanda Winner is awarded the brand new car and the 800 000 Frw monthly salary( around 600 USD) and has the opportunity of representing Rwanda in the Miss World Tournaments.

The lesson in life: When you are contemplating what the future keeps ahead of you, try not to be discouraged to reach your goals. Always have dreams and a blueprint-like map which will guide you in your journey towards your ‘final destination’ in your life.

Do not be afraid that you won’t please your peers, you may be surprised that your example may become an inspiration for others to follow through.

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