Get to know Burundian company, “Ducis Insimbizo”, a Burundian female initiative.

At le Flamboyant Gardens” DUCIS Insimbizo” is made up of six young women

The Burundian innovative company, called “DUCIS INSIMBIZO”, has been set up by a group of six young women. The company CEO and Co-Founder IKIZABOSE Mylene, 25 years old, is a medical student and entrepreneur. In an interview with RegionWeek, we asked her about “DUCIS Insimbizo” and its goals.

Could you tell us briefly about ‘DUCIS Insimbizo’?

We are a group of six young women who came together to influence positively the society and to contribute to the development of our country in the sector of Entrepreneurship and Cosmetics.

Why did you choose the names ‘Ducis’ and ‘Insimbizo’ and what do these stand for?

Ducis is a Latin word which means ‘leadership’.The word ‘Insimbizo‘ is a Burundian term which describes the cloth Burundian women use to carry children on their backs. And when you carry a child on your back, the child sees what you do, and hears what you say and will imitate you. We are trying to influence society in terms of leadership. By that, we do recognize the duty and power that we have toward the young generation, which is leading by example with transformational leadership.

How did you start with your business?

We examined the expensiveness and the lack of cosmetic products *then decided to set up our own company of Cosmetics.

Why did you choose that sector of all sectors?

We saw a great opportunity in this sector because there is a high demand for cosmetics products and the raw material needed to produce our products could be found here in Burundi.

 Did you get training or courses about it? How did it come up?

We were trained by experienced people and we got more knowledge through reading and actually making trials.

How did you get the equipment?

We raised a startup capital through fundraising between ourselves then we decided to start with what we had. So we bought the equipment we could afford. But we are not yet equipped as we wish we were.

  For what people did you choose to make the products for? Tell us reasons.

Our products are aimed at all people, all races and all skin colors. The reasons are that we make products which do not change someone’s natural skin and hair texture, on the contrary, our products nurture them.

 Do you assure protection for people who use your products?

Yes, we ourselves tested these products and are using them. And more importantly, we are in the process of getting them certified by the Burundian national bureau of standards, BBN.


At le Flamboyant Gardens: “We want to reach out and be recognized both nationally and internationally”

What ingredients do you use?

We use 100% natural products and no harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury are added to our products.

 Are there other projects that you are planning to venture with this one or it’s just this one only?

Yes, we want to enlarge our range of products in order to give our customers more options. We also want to increase the number of people we reach through our community movement.

To where do you want your company to reach? what vision do you have for your company?

We want to be recognized nationally and internationally, as a household brand in the sector of cosmetics, to influence the world on beauty standards and create employment for the youth.

How are you tackling the issue of gender disparities in terms of leadership?

On one hand, We advocate for women and their rights. On the other hand, we are trying to instill leadership and gender equality values in the younger generation, in girls as well as boys through our community movement”

 In terms of cosmetics, what issues are you speaking up about? How are you helping people to have a balanced view of cosmetics?

One of the issues that we really have is trying to get people to change their cosmetical habits by rejecting depigmentation products and hair relaxers first, and second, to get the society to acknowledge its responsibility in the matter of setting beauty standards.

 How are you addressing the issues related to hairdressing especially for women and girls?

We are addressing those issues by raising awareness on the do’s and don’ts of hair and skin care especially in beauty salons and in the population generally.

Listen to the CEO and Co-founder of Ducis Insimbizo, IKIZABOSE Mylene:


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