Gitega: Highlights of the 28th anniversary of the Burundi National Unity.

Every year since 1991, Burundi celebrate the National Unity Day. Today, February 5, 2019, the 28yh celebration of the Burundi National Unity Day was celebrated in Gitega Capital by Burundi Head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza.

In Gitega, the President of the Republic laid the wreaths of flowers at the monument of national unity. A commission of 24 people was formed on October 04, 1988 and the charter was adopted on February 05, 1991.

The senior officers of the police and the army were gathered at the monument of the national unity located at the chief town of Gitega commune.

The inhabitants of the province of Gitega and its surroundings have joined the various national and provincial authorities to celebrate the day devoted to the national unity charter at the Ingoma stadium.

The synthetic stadium “Ingoma” of Gitega was full of songs related to the national unity (Ubumwe bw’Abarundi tuzobutsimbataza). The people were proud that Gitega became the political capital.

THE BIG PICTURE: Gitega has been officially declared, since Yesterday, February 04, 2019, to be the political capital of Burundi by His Excellency, Pierre Nkurunziza after the project was adopted the MPs and Senators. Some majors events are going to be taking place in the political capital, Gitega.

Upon his arrival at Gitega’s “Ingoma” stadium, the presidential couple was greeted by the honors, the sound of the drums and the applause of those present at the stadium. The ceremonies then began with an interfaith prayer accompanied by the national anthem.

This prayer was largely centered on the thanks to God for having Gitega as political capital, the unity of Burundians, the return of Burundians from exile, love and peace in the country.

The governor of Gitega, Venant Manirambona, thanked the Lord for the province of Gitega to be the political capital of Burundi, where peace and security prevail in abundance.

Venant Manirambona thanked the President of the Republic for the fact that Gitega has already become the political capital of Burundi. Manirambona reported that the political capital is reaching a satisfactory stage considering the activities already carried out.

Nkurunziza stressed that Burundi Unity comes from God.

The President of the Republic emphasized that the national unity emanates from God who created Burundi and the ” Burundians “ and wishes that this year 2019 to be marked by the unity between the Burundians and the foreigners and the whole nation, adding that “the national unity has been destabilized by the colonialists who created the inter-ethnic wars. “

The struggle for national unity began since the royal period and continued until then. The President asked Burundians to congratulate themselves for the step already taken in the preservation of national unity.

Nkurunziza regretted that some people manipulated by the colonialists want to create disunity, a situation that sparked off crime in the country. To make Gitega again the political capital is not a coincidence, said the President of the Republic.

For him, the constitution voted by the Burundians was signed in the province of Gitega. Since the royal era, Gitega has always been the political capital. The presidential decree to make Gitega the political capital was signed on Monday, February 04, 2019.

The President of the Republic has called on Burundians to strengthen the national unity for the development of the country despite the colonialists who want to destabilize this unity of Burundians.

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