Giving and demanding the bill is a civic obligation, according to Burundi Head of State.

Burundi’s head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza, has participated on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, the commemoration ceremonies of the day dedicated to the taxpayer and at the closing of the one-week fair exhibition organized by the Burundian Revenue Authority (OBR) in Makamba (Southern part of Burundi).

The President of the Republic of Burundi encouraged the OBR for the tax increase. He has indicated that the seller is now obliged to give the buyer a bill, and in lack this he will be punished according to the law.

‘Not giving a bill is a crime’

“Not giving the bill is a crime, “stated the head of state. He has asked Burundians to like and buy articles produced in Burundi for Burundian companies go forward, do their best and fight against
fraud because it disrupts the national economy; then the OBR will have to see all the articles or products
finding on the market who have not paid tax.

The Head of state asks for identifying fraudulent traders.

Mr. Nkurunziza also asked taxpayers to point out the traders and businessmen who practice fraud and set up an anti-fraud committee. He did remind the OBR to punish and incapacitate some corrupt agents of this office.

He has asked the Minister of Public Security to do everything to apprehend the shopkeepers who hindered the activities of the OBR agents in the Sion market for them to be apprehended and punished.

Taxpaying, a major foundation of all sectors.

He finally said that it is thanks to the tax contributions that all sectors of the country are progressing normally. He cited, in particular, the sectors of defense and security, agriculture and livestock, health
public infrastructure, the construction of public infrastructures, education, and scientific research,
sport and culture and the payment of State officials.

In his welcoming speech, the governor of Makamba province, Mr. Gad Niyukuri, thanked the OBR which organized the week and the day dedicated to the taxpayer in Makamba because the population could
buy different items at an affordable price.

He also thanked OBR for building its offices in Kabonga borders in Nyanza-Lac and Mugina commune in Mabanda commune. He further asked OBR to build its offices in Buhema and Gatwe in Kayogoro commune to facilitate taxpayers while thanking the office that agreed to build its office in Bukeye in Kibago commune.

The Commissioner General of the OBR, Mr. Audace Niyonzima indicated that the OBR encourages the
taxpayers and other Burundians who help in the success of its mission to collect the tax.

The OBR collects more taxes now than in recent years.

He asked the taxpayers to strengthen the collaboration with the OBR and each time give the bill to contribute to the country’s economy.

He said that the OBR has reached a satisfactory step because, before its creation in 2009, the tax was estimated at 300 billion Burundian francs whereas today the OBR collects more of 800 billion Burundian francs.

The OBR advocates increasing the number of taxpayers via the sensitization of all Burundians on fiscal citizenship.

He nevertheless indicated that there are traders and businessmen who continue to fraud and some customs agencies that facilitate fraud by issuing documents that do not correspond to imported products, pointing to certain traders of Bujumbura City Market called Sion  market that hit the OBR agents and security agents when they were fulfilling their mission to collect and verify if the loincloths had been cleared to their entry into the country.

The representative of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CFCIB)
is pleased with the good collaboration and understanding that prevails between businessmen and the OBR and especially the tax civic education that the OBR grants to all sections of the population.

Taxpayers have access to OBR services through the Internet and digital technologies.

The Minister of Finance, the Budget and Economic Development Cooperation, Mr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo indicated that the Ministry has taken steps to facilitate the taxpayer to access OBR services via the internet and digital technology.

He furthermore indicated that the Ministry in charge of Finance and that of the Interior are seeing the modalities for communal taxes to be collected by the OBR.

Some have been awarded for their best taxpaying practices.

Before the occasional speech made by the Head of State, the OBR proceeded to award prizes to the two big taxpayers who gave 31% of the tax namely BRARUDI and INTERPETROL which received a certificate and a medal, the governor of Makamba, Mr. Gad Niyukuri, who collaborated well with the OBR and fought against fraud, received a certificate and an envelope.

Two security companies namely the Burundian Vigils and Safe Guard received a certificate and an envelope for hiring a lot of people in a year, taxpayers who have been identified in the 5 regions of Burundi where the OBR is implanted for having declared and paid the tax within the time allowed by law.

Various state officials, namely some ministers, parliamentarians, governors and other distinguished guests participated in this celebration of taxpayer’s day that is organized for the third time in Burundi.

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