Google to partner with American Black Business Association to help black entrepreneurs

American multinational technology company Google to partner with an American trade association for black businesses to provide training, mentorship, and technology for small firms.

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Google has partnered with an American Association for black businesses to provide more knowledge and accessibility to a new national and international audience. Google will teach and mentor the responsible of the businesses and teach them how they could expand using their technology. As seen around us, many businesses do have good products or services but then are limited by the lack of technology, with Google and the black business association, they are looking forward to helping black entrepreneurs get out of the isolation and have a global outreach.

In the things Google will offer, the businesses will be given some of its free services to ease their operations.

During Google’s new digs, a discussion held yesterday Monday 19th, the leaders of the two associations, the National Business League and that of Google stated that this partnership aims to bring together all colored business owners and remove the digital divide.

Ken Harris, the president of the National Business League stated that it was a critical venture for black businesses, “today’s announcement is a critical juncture for black business,” he said, “for us to keep in a marketplace that is changing tremendously, technology is not only important but critical to black-owned businesses’ development.”

“Many don’t have access to technological infrastructure, having access to this platform will help to pull them out from the isolation and marginalization”, he added.

The venture also looks forward to increasing the growth of black businesses, through sharing the knowledge and techniques of googles cloud-Based technology, they hope that this will spur the growth of these businesses.

Googles director of business and community inclusion, Chriss Genteel said that the partnership will be an extension of the work of Googles support for Black businesses.

In addition, he stated that to make information usable and accessible, the black community is needed, “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, making it useful and accessible, we can’t get there without the black community. period.”

Know that the venture will provide the businesses with a free website, domain name and email address and a free search engine and optimizing tools. They will be provided full access to Google docs, sheets, calendar and other gadgets found in Googles Cloud-based G-suite.

According to Harris, these resources will help the businesses reach a new national and international audience and added that the league will be able to support the next generation of black entrepreneurs across 2.6 million black businesses reported to be in the US.

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