Five inspirational success stories from 5 rich entrepreneurs to motivate your business.

Every once in a while we remind our selves of stories to keep in the right track, today I have compiled 5 success stories of some of the most known entrepreneurs of this century to inspire us on the way to do business as young professional. it important to know where one started from to show us that we are not the only ones in the question situation, even the richest people today once passed through even harder times than we do but still managed to become today’s richest men in the world. 

  1. Jack Ma co-founder of Alibaba Group.

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Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist aged 54 years. With his story of how he is one of the richest men in the world today is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs today.

After being rejected 4 times he graduated in 1988, He tried to find work everywhere and got turned down over 30 times by companies. After all this, he applied to Harvard University where he was rejected 10 times.

In 1995, he took a trip to the US where his life changed forever. After he got introduced to the internet, Jack Ma managed to raise $20,000 to build an online directory for Chinese businesses. After all the experiences and training he returned to China in 1999 and created the marketplace Alibaba, he raised US $25bn at the IPO stock exchange in 2014.

Jack Ma is now one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of US$43bn.

“If you want to grow, find a good opportunity. Today, if you want to be a great company, think about what social problem you could solve.”- Jack Ma.


  1. Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-z.

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Although Jay-z is best known for his musical career, he has an entrepreneurial background through his career. Before creating his own record label in 1995, Jay-z sold his recording out of his car. But he worked throughout this stress and became successful in the music industry which allowed him to invest in various businesses including labels and real estates and even a sports management agency where he represents several athletes and was a stakeholder in NBA franchise, the Brooklyn Nets.

His business investment today represent an estimated net worth of US$900million.

“I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! Let me handle my business” -Jay-z.


  1. Walt Elias Disney of Walt Disney.

Most of us know Walt Disney for the mickey mouse cartoon, but actually, the story behind this success is long. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, He loved to draw when he was young. In his childhood, he was paid by his neighbor doctor for drawing paintings of his horses.

In his early studies, he started drawing cartoons for the school paper, after some time he left school and joined the red cross and continued doing illustrations for the military newspaper, and drew on his ambulance.

Walt Disney once had no money and had to live in his office because he couldn’t afford to rent an apartment. He survived on cold beans because he couldn’t afford food.

Disney now holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations. He was presented with two Golden Globe Special Achievement Awards and an Emmy Award, among other honors. His business now has over US$40bn of revenue.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”, -Walt Disney.


  1. Henry Ford of Ford motors.

Ford was a young entrepreneur who was told he wouldn’t last more than 6 months in business.

Henry was an American icon and founder of ford motor company. He showed an interest in engineering and he took internships and jobs at manufacturing companies.

In his free time at his 36 years of age, he invented the quadricycle, which was two cycles attached together and powered by a gasoline engine.

He told the world that he wanted to create a quality car which would be mass produced for the whole world and he was told he wouldn’t last 6 months in business and was frequently asked when his business would blow up.

After this invention, he created the Model T automobile which revolutionized transportation and the American industry and sold over 15.000.000 units. Henry Ford’s net worth in today’s currency is an estimated US$188.1. Billion, about 3 times richer than Bill Gates.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.” – Henry Ford.


  1. Richard Branson of Virgin Megastores.

Branson born with dyslexia and had poor academic performance; on his last day at school, his headmaster, Robert Drayson, told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

Branson was born in born 18 July 1950, he expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age. His first business venture, at the age of 16, was a magazine called Student. In 1970, he set up a mail-order record business. He opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records later known as Virgin Megastores in 1972.

Earning enough money from his record store, Branson in 1972 launched the record label Virgin Records with Nik Powell. The name “Virgin” was suggested by one of Branson’s early employees because they were all new at business, his net worth was estimated at £5 million by 1979, and a year later, Virgin Records went international.

Forbes listed Branson’s estimated net worth at US$5.1 billion.

“Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.” – Richard Branson.

Stories are great teachers, all these entrepreneurs had a history and they saw the need of the things to help them in their daily activities which pushed them to find a solution for them and not only becoming a solution to them but became a solution to the whole world.

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