Kagame tells his officials to ‘be ready and prepared’ for the standoff with Uganda.

Following the Uganda-Rwanda border row, the President Paul Kagame of Rwanda spoke out today for the first time about the cause of the recent frosty relationship between Kigali and Kampala that led to the closure of Katuna border on February 28.

President, Paul Kagame, speaking during an annual retreat 2019.

Kagame said his country had been provoked to take certain actions. Kagame spoke this during a retreat, Umwiherero, which will run through March 12. It has been dubbed as #Umwiherero2019 on Twitter.

We have been provoked, people have crossed our borders, killed our people and we have not responded. We were able to see someone wanted to drag us into this mess. When they have dragged you into this sort of problem, then you start looking the same.”, Kagame said.

“What remains to discuss with our brothers and sisters is the movement of people. We have Rwandans who go to Uganda who have been in prison, in their dozens, some of them are in military prison, others nobody knows where they are.”

Standoff between Rwanda and Uganda to be costly’.

In his speech, Rwandan President, Kagame, highlighted the cost of the standoff with Uganda in these terms: “All that comes costly, diverts resources, attention, we should be prepared for that. That is the price of stability and continued well being. It means you have to keep doing the best you can, make progress and defend the progress you are making.”

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“When I hear somebody say no one can destabilize their country, I agree. No one should actually be destabilizing that country but that country should also not be destabilizing others, I think it is a fair deal.”, Ugandan media outlet Nile post repeated Kagame’s words.

Museveni says that his enemies ‘can’t survive’.

Museveni, the President of Uganda, has hit out on Kigali’s claims of Ugandans torturing Rwandans who are in Uganda.

President Museveni mentioned specific people who have an intention of destabilizing Uganda, maintaining that the country has a very huge capacity at protecting itself as well as taking on its enemies.

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Nile post reports Museveni’ss scathing words as a warning to Rwandans: “Those who want to destabilize our country do not know our capacity. It is very big. Once we mobilize, you can’t survive,’ Museveni said on Saturday.

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