Kinshasa: Key Outcomes of the 1st extraordinary meeting of the Pan African Youth Union Executive Committee.

The city-province of Kinshasa vibrated, from December 5th to 11th, at the rhythm of the consultative meetings of the leaders of the Young Africans at the Rotana Hotel, under the auspices of the president of the Panafrican Union of Youth (UPJ), Francine Muyumba. 

The recommendations made by the participants at this meeting were validated on Tuesday, December 12, 2018, during the 1st Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan-African Youth Union, held at the Kin Plazza Hotel.

This meeting closed with satisfaction, with important decisions made for the smooth running of the UPJ.It is through a final communiqué sanctioning this 1st extraordinary meeting, that the Executive Committee announced important decisions taken for the smooth running of the Pan-African Youth Union.

But first, the participants reviewed the report of the regional consultative meetings on the UPJ reforms, the state of action of the regional activities of the Pan-African Youth Union. They discussed vacancies within the Committee and other institutional issues; and at last, delegates have debated on the observation of the general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Pan-African Youth Union.

At the end of the activities, the Executive Committee came up with several decisions.

First, concerning the question of the reform of the UPJ, the Executive Committee, after having taken note of the report of the regional consultations on the reforms, decided to set up a steering committee of the reforms of the Panafrican Youth Union made up of members representing all African regions as well as the Diaspora including those of the Executive Committee of the UPJ and other member structures of the organization.

The Executive Committee has also validated the action plan for the year 2019 provided that the General Secretariat finalizes the work by elaborating  reference terms of the programmed activities, such as:

“The organization of the Panafrican Youth Forum in April 2019; the organization of an international capacity-building seminar for National Youth Councils and other youth structures in each region on the different themes”.

To improve the work of the Pan-African Youth Union in the different Member States, the Executive Committee urged the Vice-Presidents and Deputy Secretaries-General to continue the advocacy actions on including the adoption of a national youth policy in all Member States, the ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter in African Union member countries, etc.

The UPJ Executive Committee has also renewed its commitment to work in close collaboration with the African Union Commission and urges it to set up a Committee to examine the resumption of collaboration. The Committee also took note of the request of leaders of young Africans and the diaspora at regional consultative meetings for the DRC to host the UPJ Extraordinary Congress on Reforms in 2019.


Note also that the Executive Committee of the UPJ thanked the President of the DRC, Joseph Kabila Kabange, the Government and the Congolese people for their constant support for the holding of regional consultative meetings and their legendary hospitality for the African youth. The Executive Committee of the UPJ also thanked the Independent National Electoral Commission of the DRC (CENI) for the accreditation of the UPJ to participate in the observation of the general elections of December 23, 2018.

The Pan-African Youth Union is finally grateful to all the other Heads of State for the permanent collaboration. It congratulates the United Nations for opening a constructive dialogue between actors of the regional conflict in Western Sahara and invited the parties to favor a consensual solution for the benefit of peace in this region.

The Executive Committee also took note with satisfaction of the massive support of the youth representatives of the member countries towards them in accordance with their choice made to the Muyumba team at the end of December 2017.

Read the final communiqué of the activities here.

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