mCoin: The only Cryptocurrency for the 3 billion people without the internet

mCoin is the world’s first Cryptocurrency which works on any mobile with or without the internet. It is supported on ONEm’s mobile ecosystem with many practical applications.

So far more than 30,000 people from over 150 countries own mCoin and participating in the ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The support and commitment by the mCoin community are increasing daily.  One such supporter is an African Mobile Operator who will deploy mCoin’s virtual wallet and applications for their million plus subscribers.

The rise of mCoin is due to ONEm’s adoption of blockchain technology on their SMS and Voice based Platform. More than half of the world’s population still do not have access to the internet and two billion people do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via a mobile phone. Income is less than $2.5 a day, which presents a big opportunity for self-perpetuation microeconomics.

mCoin is the first cryptocurrency with  “pseudo-mining” that lets users earn mCoins on any ordinary mobile. The pseudo-mining program will ensure the widespread distribution and use of mCoins.


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