Microsoft Wants Users to stop using Internet Explorer

Microsoft: The Company’s own security chief has warned millions of people who continue to use Internet Explorer as a default web browser are placing themselves in risk ‘peril’.

Microsoft, the company, which first developed Internet Explorer in 1995, is no longer supporting new development for the web browser.

According to Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s worldwide lead for cybersecurity,

Keep using the software was potentially risky.

“We’re not supporting new web standards for it and, while many sites work fine, developers by and large just aren’t testing for Internet Explorer these days,” Mr. Jackson said.

Mr. Jackson in a blog post warned that companies using Internet Explorer are taking on a “technical debt” to pay for support on old software and could end up using “a 1999 implementation of web standards” if they didn’t take all the necessary measures to update it when creating new web pages.

Though a number of websites currently work on Internet Explorer, new apps will not be integrated into the service, limiting the web applications available.

Responding to some comments, Mr. Jackson said, “We want you to use the Internet Explorer the sites that need it – what I’m trying to say here is that I hope you don’t use it for everything else.”

“The candle is burning from the other side with that approach — now your new sites break while keeping your old sites fixed. I’d like to craft a solution where both your old sites and your new sites work.” He added

Microsoft has in recent years encouraged users to adopt its more modern web browser, the Microsoft Edge, which was released in 2015.

Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular web browser in 2016.

Microsoft briefly overtook Apple as the world’s most valuable publicly-listed company as investors have gained confidence in its push into cloud computing.

Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer 10 in January 2020, while Internet Explorer 11 will remain as the final iteration of the software.

About Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, which was first called Windows Internet Explorer, was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95 in 1995.

Internet Explorer was one of the most widely used web browsers, attaining a peak of about 95 percent during 2002 and 2003.

However, it struggled in the face of competition, and in May 2012 it was announced that Google’s Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the most used browser worldwide.

The brand has struggled to shake off the bad reputation of Internet Explorer 6, which was notoriously insecure.

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