Microsoft web browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge) suffering.


According to a ComputerWorld article on the top web browsers of 2018, Microsoft is suffering a big drop in user shares as statistics of the previous month show, with both internets explore and Edge struggling badly.

Internet explore which was with a 10% market share has dropped to 9.94% according to the figures for September from net applications.

Reports show that when you combine Edge and internet explores figures, the combined total gives 14% which results in a 1.1 % drop in the market share compared to August records.

Computerworld also reports that the 14% share of Edge and Internet Explorer are actually a record low for Microsoft in this century. As for these 2 having 14% Googles Chrome browser is on 66.3 %, it reportedly gained a 1 % increase compared to the records of last month.

Internet Explores decline should be expected since Microsoft is not taking much time to work on it but is trying to put Edge (which is only on Windows 10 and still doesn’t present that the majority of Windows 10 users out there use it), on the spot more than its internet explorer.

According to Net Applications, it estimates that only 10.9% of users browse the web with Edge these numbers for Microsoft, represent that there has been a 0.5% drop since the previous month.

Microsoft, however, had planned to release its Windows 10’s 2018 Update yesterday 2nd October for testing, as rumors stated there will likely be updates on the browser Edge which will include changes like: the browser finally ditching passwords to support more secure biometric logins, fine-tuning of the menus and interface in general making it easier to organize groups of tabs you’ve opened or set aside in Edge, and also fixing issues like the inability to handle a big amount of data downloads which exceed 4GB.

Check how to download the new Windows 10 updates.

Hopefully, these updates will help the browsers user shares rise than decline.

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