MP Rwasa Agathon to ‘set up his new constituent political party’.

The faithful supporters of Agathon Rwasa gathered this afternoon of September 12 in the place of the OPDE in Bujumbura for a constituent meeting of a political party.

More than 500 members from all over the country, in favor of the creation of the FNL party Amizero y’Abarundi were gathered this 12/9/2018 around Agathon Rwasa, to make a statement of the 1st meeting of this fledgling party in gestation, according to the application for approval of political parties in Burundi.

“This political formation whose name is ‘ National Liberty Front Amizero y’Abarundi ‘, is different from ‘ National Liberation Force ‘ FNL…So that cannot be a reason for the unacceptability of our party,” Agathon Rwasa said.

About whether Rwasa Agathon could go on sitting in the parliament as an MP, he said: “We believe that we will continue to sit in Parliament in case our political party is approved because we are there as an independent and the Electoral Code cannot be applied to us because our situation is special, “went on Agathon Rwasa MP.

Rwasa Agathon has invited others to join his ‘new force’ for better preparation of 2020 presidential elections> “Want others to join us; those with whom we were together in the Coalition so that we are more united “, Agathon Rwasa’s response to the question of where are the other members of the Coalition Amizero y’Abarundi.

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