A new bill to ban the use of Plastic bags in Burundi to be signed soon

Image Credit: Newyork Times

The Director-General of Burundi’s Water Resources and Sanitation, Mr. Emmanuel Ndorimana said that the management of bags and plastic packaging is of concern to the government of Burundi because of its impact on human health.

Indeed, plastic bottles are normally disposable objects. Unfortunately, there are people here and there who collect these bottles and reuse them as containers in which they put palm oil or juice. This bad practice has adverse consequences for people’s health.

To remedy this situation, the Government is in the process of implementing a draft decree prohibiting the import, manufacture, marketing and use of sachets and another plastic packaging in Burundi.

In this bill, it is expected that the producers of these bottles must participate in the recovery of these bottles, after use, for recycling. In addition, all other plastic bottles and flasks must be returned to the supplier for recycling.

In this context, the Director General of Water Resources and Sanitation was pleased to note that some companies such as “Liquids” which manufactures “Aquavie” have a unit responsible for the recovery of these plastic bottles.

Currently, there are more and more private initiatives that deal with the production of packaging that replaces sachets. The Bujumbura main Drugstore Pharmacie Salama no longer uses sachets as the packaging of medicines. With this in mind, the company PACOBU deals with the manufacture of envelopes.

The Association for Environmental Welfare (A.P.B.E.E) is responsible for manufacturing biodegradable packaging. According to Emmanuel Ndorimana, these different initiatives are to be encouraged for the interest of the population.

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