Over 70 foreigners with fake visas arrested in Kenya, including 7 Burundians.

Immigration officials at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday arrested 71 foreigners from Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania who were traveling to Oman with fake visas.

As the online magazine The Star Kenya reports, the Direction of Kenyan Immigration services said the foreigners had traveled by bus to Kenya and were waiting for their passports to be stamped when officials realized the visas were not genuine.

They include 59 Ugandans, seven Burundians, and five Tanzanians,adds the magazine.

“We are planning to repatriate them to their respective countries. We are also investigating to establish who gave them the fake Visas,” explained the Direction of Kenyan Immigration services.

“We are in touch with their embassies and we plan to repatriate them as soon as possible. Their countries are expected to foot the bill,” the Direction of Kenyan Immigration services added.

Kenya has been a hub because most of these illegal travelers prefer Nairobi city in Kenya as their point of exit.

“Today at one of our borders we were also able to arrest another group from Madagascar coming from Tanzania and was also having fake Visas and were sent back by our officers,” the Direction of Immigration services explained.

In recent years, it has been observed that due to life’s challenges in some poor African countries, some Africans dare to take this perilous plan to migrate to Arab countries such Oman, UAE, etc to seek jobs.

Most of these migrants find themselves reduced to ‘modern slavery‘ where they are overworked, girls or women reduced to sexual slavery.

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