Read news roundup of hot key topics in the public emission by Burundi head of State.

In a public emission animated by Burundi Head of Stated, President Nkurunziza, your Journal, RegionWeek, has dispatched its journalist to represent it and gather all news about the topics discussed during the emission when Pierre Nkurunziza answered questions of Journalists and the population in general.

Here is the news roundup of hot topics RegionWeek has chosen to bring up to our public audience:

The 1st question asked to Burundi Head of Stated was about where does the ruling party is in designating someone to replace the incumbent president in 2020. Nkurunziza Pierre clarified that it is up to the ruling party, CNDD-FDD, in its extraordinary Congress, to nominate the new candidate who will replace him. Then, he urged the public for patience to wait for this Congress to take place.

About the frosty relationships between European Countries and Burundi, President Nkurunziza said that the European countries( generally the whole Western countries) have ‘rejected Burundi’; then he said that if the West sees it good to return to a normal partnership with Burundi, it is welcome.

About frosty relationships between Burundi and Rwanda, Burundi Head of State stated that Rwanda provokes Burundi, Burundi does not provoke Rwanda.

About mutual exchanges of accusations between Burundi and Rwanda, Nkurunziza said that observers have come to conclusions, after visiting Burundi, that Rwanda accusations against Burundi are not founded.

Nkurunziaza says that Burundi does not have any bad intention on Rwanda, but Rwanda has some malicious plans to destabilize Burundi. About coup plotters, Nkurunziza says that they have tried to topple down the Burundi government, but they have to be judged accordingly.

About the Burundi decision to make Gitega a political capital of Burundi, Burundi Head Of State was asked about the farewell of employees of some 5 Ministries which are going to move their Headquarters to Gitega.

The President tranquilized these employees not to worry much about their farewell in Gitega since all necessary for their work are available in Gitega.

About the question of building a presidential palace in Gitega, instead of one in Bujumbura, Nkuruniziza said that the presidential palace built in Bujumbura will also be built in Gitega, but not ‘as good as the one built in Bujumbura, in Northern part of the town’.

Burundi Head of State said that the decree of making Gitega a Burundian political capital has been studied by the Council ofMinistry and then it will be submitted to the of Constitution Court for approval.

He said that the Burundi government has means to build the infrastructure to facilitate the smooth running of activities in Gitega. About employees that have taken some loans in Bujumbura, he said they will get ‘adapted’ to the situatuian, and they will live well in Gitega.

About the new presidential palace that is being built in Bujumbura, Burundi Head of State said that it does not change anything about the plan of moving the political capital to Gitega, but there is a plan to build the second presidential palace in Gitega.

About Gitega political capital, 2019 will mark the launch of activities. Nkurunziza said that the plan has begun since a long time ago, that it must be fulfilled. He stated, therefore, that but the Council of Ministers will be set in Gitega alongside five ministries.

One journalist asked President Nkurunziza about the plan of the building and erecting an airport in Gitega since it will be a political capital. The Journalist brought up the question of the former plan of building an airport in Bugendana Commune in Gitega.

Nkurunziza said that the ‘plan of building an airport in Bugendana has not been abandoned, studies have been done, the government is only waiting for some means and infrastructure to build the Bugendana airport in order to facilitate the movement of commuters and international travelers going and coming from Gitega.

About letters recently exchanged between Pierre Nkurunziza and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Nkurunniza did not deny the existence of the leaked letters. He said: “It is true, but we regret the leaking of these letters, it came from others, not Burundi. Those letters had the goal of stating our position…”.

Nkuruznzia added that coup plotters have wanted to ‘pass through the mediation to topple down the Burundi government, then ‘we have outsmarted them’ ‘.

About Agathon RWASA’s demand of his own political party, Nkurunziza said that the mistake is on in the writings submitted by Rwasa to the competent authorities. He called on Rwasa to rectify those mistakes and once found that it is right, then he will be ready to have his political party and act publically like other parties.

About the recurring lack of Fuel in Burundi, one journalist asked Burundi Head of State why does this recurrence of fuel lack in Burundi? The President, in his answer, appeared not to be giving the reason and the solution to the problem.

He said that ‘the problem of lack of fuel is not of today, and it will not end’. He said that some things may not be good as well. “Some countries which produce fuel sometimes lack fuel. if the problem arises, then the government is here to solve it”, he said.

He said that problems that Burundi is going through are not the same as of the past. Burundi had the population of some 2 million in the past, but while we go on in years, the problem will persist as Burundi population keeps on increasing to 11 million.

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