Regional Consultative Meetings of African Youth Leaders launched in Kinshasa.

In DR Congo, Kinshasa capital hosts Regional Leaders on Consultative Meetings of Young Africans, which are held from 05 to 11 December 2018 at Rotana Hotel, under the auspices of the President of the Pan African Union of Youth, Mrs. Francine Muyumba.

Six days during this regional workshop will make it possible to draw up an inventory of the situation of young people from different parts of Africa and to carry out organizational reforms and structures of this institution.

Purpose of these consultative meetings.

The purpose of this meeting is twofold: to consult young people for the reform of the Pan-African Youth Union (UPJ) and to take into consideration the situation of young people in different African countries and to meet the National Youth Councils at the same time.

Meetings are planned to be held at the Rotana Hotel.

From the Rotana Hotel, it is the Minister of Sports Papy Nyango who initiated the activities on behalf of the prevented Minister of Youth. Minister Nyango welcomed the delegates and urged them to work properly for a successful outcome.

These meetings follow the decision of the Executive Committee of the Pan African Youth Union (UPJ) at its first meeting held in Bamako. It was decided at the end of this meeting to initiate the organizational reforms necessary for the proper functioning of the organization, in consultation with the leaders of the National Youth Councils and other representatives of young people from each region of the continent, the President of the UPJ Francine MUYUMBA explained to the press.

Who are attendees to these consultative meetings?

This meeting has the support of the whole DRC and its youth with a representative of the National Youth Council CNJ – DRC.

The participants in the first days of the activities are those from West Africa. Those from other regions will intervene during the rest of the work.

All delegates at the opening ceremony thanked the Head of State Joseph Kabila for his support as well as his government.

Appointment of commissioners capable of leading six commissions.

On this occasion, the committee designated UPJ President Francine Muyumba, in collaboration with the Secretariat, to appoint commissioners capable of leading six new commissions. These include peace and security commissions, youth employment and entrepreneurship, education, health and lifestyle, political participation and civic participation.

It is in this context that the UPJ, following its call for candidacy for the 6 commissions and for the sake of transparency, wishes to invite the representatives of the National Youth Councils of the continent for a working session.

All National Youth Councils(CNJ) are called upon working in coordination with the UPJ.

Two important moments will mark this important meeting namely, the regional consultation on the UPJ reform and the situation of young people in different African countries. At this stage, it will be a question of proposing statutes that reflect the realities of the youth of the continent today. So, the Pan African Youth Union (UPJ) headed by its president Francine Muyumba and the National Youth Councils (CNJ), are reevaluating the current statutes of the UPJ and will explore ways to make them more inclusive.

The consultation and the recommendations to be formulated will serve as support for the drafting of the statutes.

As for the regional meeting of the National Youth Councils, it will be a question for young people to meet with each other and with the UPJ most often according to a program that will be proposed to present their work and talk about the evolution of initiated projects. Thus, each CNJ will be asked to present its calendar of activities to the UPJ for better coordination.

It should also be noted that the activities that began this Wednesday, December 5, are attended by several youth delegates from various National Youth Councils.

UPJ: “Regional Consultative Meetings of African Youth Leaders” from December 05 to December 11 in Kinshasa.

These consultative meetings are held with a view to putting the Pan African Union of Youth in line with the missions and tasks recognized by the Statute and the African Youth Charter. But also in order to enable it to mark the path of the normalization of its management to achieve the objectives in an active and rational way it is assigned.

Equipping the UPJ of all the necessary assets to better functioning.

So to meet the aspirations of young Africans and contribute significantly to the continent’s all-out development of Africa, the implementation of these regional consultative meetings of young African leaders, with the resulting program going to enable the Pan African Youth Union to equip itself with essential assets to its proper functioning and to gallop off the concrete situation of young people in all sectors of social life in describing the current hurdles and challenges of their contributions to the continent.

These consultative meetings that begin with the West Africa region will continue with the young leaders of the East Africa region and those of the Southern Africa region and then will come those of the Central Africa Region, North Africa Region, and the Diaspora before ending by the meeting of the executive committee from where will be presented the different recommendations and proposals resulting from the regional consultations.

It should be noted that the Executive Committee of the UPJ has entrusted to the President Francine Muyumba in collaboration with the Secretariat of the UPJ the responsibility for appointing Commissioners capable of managing six new commissions approved at the 5th Congress. These commissions are peace and security; youth employment and entrepreneurship; education; health and lifestyle; political participation and civic participation.

For the sake of transparency, after a shortlist of 18 candidates, the Executive Committee will select the 6 candidates who will be commissioners for the UPJ.

Statutes drafted for better regulation of the set-up commissions.

The Pan African Youth Union (UPJ) and the National Councils of Youth(CNJ) will re-evaluate the current statutes of the UPJ and explore ways to make them more inclusive.

Consultation and recommendations made will serve as support for the drafting of new statutes approved by a General Assembly especially gathered for the occasion.

These statutes which will be proposed will have to reflect on the realities of the continent’s youth of today.

Francine Muyumba calls for all attendees into action.

In her speech at the opening ceremony, Ms. Francine Muyumba wanted to galvanize his troops into action.

She said: “During this workshop, I invite you to give the best of yourselves to in order that at the end of the activities, we have the real situation that the young people from different regions making up our structure and on the other hand, all your recommendations and suggestions to integrate into this process reform which is crucial in view of the challenges and hurdles that come our way”.


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