Rwanda: Two young Burundian refugees ranked first in the State school test.

 Despite the hard life in exile, two young Burundians living in the Mahama camp, Rwanda, stood out by winning the first place in the state exam which gives access to entering University studies. They obtained 100% and 93%, Radio peace Fm reports.

THE BIG PICTURE: Following the 2015 crisis which erupted in Burundi, hundreds of Burundians fled the country to neighboring countries of the EAC. Rwanda is one of them which welcomed some 50 000 Burundians refugees in Mahama Camp, according to UNHCR  refugees figures.

Who are they?

They are Mr.Fleury NIBITANGA and miss Keny Laysee NDAYIRAGIHE. These two young Burundians, aged 19, live in the same refugee camp of Mahama in Rwanda.

In spite of the problems they are going through, Fleury NIBITANGA got the score of 73 out of 73 in the courses of History, Economics, Geography, Entrepreneurship.

Ex-student of Lake Tanganyika High School in Bujumbura, Keny Laysee NDAYIRAGIHE, came at the 2nd place, with a score of 93% in English, French, Swahili, Entrepreneurship, at the same school as Mr. Fleury.

UNHCR worked with the Rwandan government to integrate refugees into the national education system by placing refugee and local students in the same school and teaching them in English, Rwanda’s official language of instruction – unlike in Burundi, where classes are taught mainly in French.

What challenges do students face in Mahama camp?

According to Radio peace Fm, these young refugees from Mahama camp are living a hard life, the UNHCR gives them a sum of 5000Frw, so less than 10 $ per month. According to their views, this sum is not enough to ensure all the needs of a young adult a whole month.

They need to be supported 

These refugees students are launching a call for help in the Burundian diaspora, the United Nations Refugee Agency and its NGO partners, as well as the Rwandan government, to help them.


RegionWeek 002: Burundi and East Africa weekly briefing

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