Rwanda-Uganda tensions mount: Rwandans start fleeing to Uganda after border closure.

Tensions between Uganda and Rwanda are mounting after hundreds of Rwandese nationals mostly those living near at border have forcefully started crossing into Uganda after hunger strike following the blockade of trucks of foodstuffs from Uganda by Rwanda government.

Trucks blocked at Katuna border between Uganda and Rwanda.

THE BIG PICTURE: Rwanda recently took a decision to close the Katuna border with Uganda after tensions intensified. The border was much helping local residents of both countries for survival.

According to Command Post’s report, Rwandans mostly depend on Uganda for survival including food, schools, medical care, and employment.

‘Large hordes of Rwandans fleeing to Uganda for survival’.

Command post reports of the video of fleeing Rwandans to Uganda filmed by NBS Television at different border points with Rwanda, where poor Rwandese in their search for their survival have resorted to illegally enter into Uganda after being blocked by their security forces.

Many fleeing Rwandans are reported to be bracing heavy rain downpours, crossing dangerous rivers in order to enter Uganda to buy food.

Katuna town mayor told Command Post that many Rwandese use short cuts to come to Uganda to buy food and go back. “Some Rwandese now use “Panya” roads and come to Uganda, buy something and go back”, he said.

‘Rwandans strictly advised not to travel to Uganda’.

Rwandan minister of Foreign affairs Dr. Richard Sezibera said that Uganda was harboring Rwandan rebels planning to overthrow the Kigali regime.

In an interview with The New Times of Rwanda, Sezibera said the government advised Rwandans not to travel to Uganda because “We cannot guarantee their security in Uganda”.

He was quoted saying that the issue of security of Rwandans in Uganda has been longstanding and “so we are strongly advising those who do not have necessary business in Uganda not to (go there) until we can sort out this problem, New Vision quoted him saying.

‘Rwanda breaking the EAC rules’.

About the border row between Uganda and Rwanda, Rwanda is breaking the East African community’s rules regarding this standoff between both countries.

According to Daily Monitor, Uganda is considering petitioning the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat in Arusha, Tanzania, to challenge what it perceives as Rwanda’s economic sabotage in breach of the regional bloc’s guidelines, a Ugandan minister said yesterday.



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