Kenyan mobile operators partner with government to provide a safe online experience for the youth of Kenya.

Mobile operators and the government of Kenya come together to provide a safe online experience for children and youth in Kenya.

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Kenyan telecommunication companies in partnership with the Kenyan government are to take a step in the provision of a safe experience to the young people of Kenya. Through GSMAs partnership called We Care campaign in Africa, they have signed the new Child Protection Chart.

With goals to ensure young children with a safe and constructive experience, they aim to: promote digital inclusion, ensure child protection, environmental care, disaster response, contribute to public safety, and fight the common handset theft behavior.

They will also integrate children’s rights considerations into corporate policies and management processes, and support government, law enforcement agencies, civil society, and other stakeholders to tackle online abuse of children.


Mobile operators, regulators backed by the Kenyan government have partnered to support a GSMA initiative with an aim to endure young citizens and children of Kenya have a safe online environment.

Telecommunication companies in Kenya, namely, Airtel Kenya, Jamil Telecommunications, Safaricom along with the government of Kenya are on the launch of the of the GSMAs campaign, we Care Campaign In Africa.

This campaign comes from a new charter signed by the companies called Child Online Protection.

On the side of the government, this charter is backed by the Ministry in charge of Information, Communication Technology and the Communication Authority of Kenya.

The head of GMSA in Sub-Saharan Africa notes that signing this COP charter will have taken a step in demonstrating their commitment to provide safe online experience for children and youth, “By signing up to the COP Charter, mobile operators in Kenya are demonstrating their commitment to working together to provide a safer and more reliable online experience for the country’s young citizens,” said Akinwale Goodluck.

Under this partnership, Kenyan mobile operators will come to work cooperatively with Kenya’s regulators to enforce a safe culter and responsibility to young Kenyans over the use of the internet through awareness and education programs.

In addition, it will include measures such as availing capacity-building for authorities with the mission to provide a support hotline for young people who will want information or assistance on online safety terms.

In collaborations with the communications authority of Kenya, the operators will produce information booklets specifically targeted to the young citizens of Kenya and will be promoted via sponsors like National music and drama festivals centered on online safety in the aim to raise awareness on this matter.

With the initiative, we care campaign, operators and the government aims to provide customers with transformative benefits of mobile experience in a safe way.

Know that the programs come to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aims to allow the mobile sector to positively have an impact from the smallest level of society.

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