Samsung unveils breakthrough folding smartphone.

Samsung on Wednesday showed off a folding screen that lets a smartphone open into a tablet, heralding it as the future for portable devices. The new phone is the size of a tablet when folded out.

Samsung has become the first major smartphone manufacturer to unveil a folding phone as it seeks to reboot a stagnant mobile market.

THE BIG PICTURE: The South Korea giant smartphone producer is in fierce competition with its counterparts such as Huawei in China and Apple in the United States. Apple is still considered at the top of all since it produced an iPhone X with its distinctive feature of the Face Recognition.

The Korean company, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, said its bendy screen technology would usher in “a new generation of smartphones” as it unveiled a prototype handset at an event in San Francisco.

The device is the size of a tablet computer and features a large 7.3-inch screen, but can fold in on itself, shutting like a book. When folded in half, a second screen on the outside means it can operate like a pocket-friendly smartphone.

Senior vice president of mobile product marketing Justin Denison pulled a prototype foldable smartphone from a suit jacket inner pocket at a Samsung developer conference in San Francisco, saying the company will be ready to begin mass producing the screens in coming months.

Denison provided a brief glimpse of a concept device made with its “Infinity Flex Display” on stage during a keynote presentation, providing no details regarding when a foldable phone might be available to consumers.

“The display is the foundation for the smartphone of tomorrow,” Denison said, as reported by Daily Mail.

“When it’s open, it’s a tablet offering a big-screen experience. When closed, it’s a phone and fits neatly inside your pocket.”

Phone displays have become bigger each year as they are increasingly used for watching videos, reading and social media. However, bigger screens have meant a trade-off in portability that has frustrated some users. Several phone companies are now working on phones that can fold up to fit in a pocket as the next step.

Samsung did not give many details of the new phone, such as how much it will cost or when it plans to put it on sale, except to say it will go into production “in the coming months”, the Telegraph reported.

Samsung’s Justin Denison said the screen technology, which uses a compound of synthetic materials instead of glass to allow it to bend, would be “the foundation for the smartphone of tomorrow”.

Samsung said the phone would be able to run three apps at once – two on the bigger screen and a third on the separate, smaller display.

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