Sheltertech program for start-up acceleration comes to Kenya

Sheltertech an organization that is solving the biggest technology challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness makes its Africa debut in Kenya.

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Sheltertech is a program which aims at helping people who lack shelter and housing by accelerating startups and growing them to the extent where the startups will be able to help them earn money to solve those problems.  This organization has come to Kenya marking its African debut after activities in Mexico and India. In Kenya, the program aims at availing 500.000 ouses and creating jobs to 350,000 people by 2022. The program comes to support the governments’ plan for affordable housing.


Through Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger, a center for innovation in shelter was launched this program by Shelter tech in Kenya.

The program aims at facilitating housing markets to help them meet the low-income household needs by helping them initiate start-ups and grow them to a stage where they will be able to get shelter from the startups.

Numbers estimate that about 61% of Kenyans lack shelter and live in extremely low-quality housing, this program is there to help citizens living under hard conditions of shelter and housing achieve a better life through initiatives.

Aims and plans Sheltertech will have in Kenya

This program will bring entrepreneurs, business people, and corporations and the Kenyan government together in partnership to fight against this and avail shelter to the needy.

In addition, this program has now 94 applications which 30 of them selected will be revealed on the launch of the program.

The 30 starts ups selected will be able to access training with experts, help them network with them and will also have the chance to win a  US$50.000 investment for the business that will win.

According to Jane Otima, the director for market systems and entrepreneurship of habitat for humanity’s associate, the shelter tech program will contribute to the government plan of affordable housing. Sheltertech plans to put at least 500,000 affordable homes in Kenyan major cities and give up to 350,000 people, jobs in the housing sector by 2022.

Know that Sheltertech made its African debut in Kenya, and has an aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and availing affordable housing to people.


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