Latest Volkswagen cars to be controlled by Siri.

The German automaker Volkswagen announced that with their latest Volkswagen cars, you can now operate some features on your mobile phone with Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri.

siri in volkswagen


According to Volkswagen, their latest VW car with Car-Net App will now be able to be controlled by Siri for some tasks.

The German automaker states that this new feature will help drivers focus more on the road and steering. The new feature which will be used with Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri will let drivers unlock or lock, honk the horn of the vehicle whenever they need to.

There are security features also in case of theft. You can use these features to help you get the vehicle easily and track its position fast. The security features will cost 17.99/month.

The gadgets that support this are the iPhone and iPads running iOS12 not forgetting Apple’s smartwatches with Wear OS.

Volkswagen announced yesterday that the latest version of its VW car with the Car-Net App includes 2 new command types which are recognized by  Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri.

The gadgets that you can use, the iPhones and iPads running the iOS 12, the voice assistant lets you lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle, check the mileage, honk the horn and flash the lights.

Apple also assures us that using the wear OS Smart watches from Apple, you also can be able to see all this whenever needed.

Other features include climate control and also a self-descriptive “where is my car” command.

siri cotrnol on VW car

According to Abdallah Shanti, Volkswagen global chief information officer, this feature comes to let drivers focus more on the road and get less distracted, “We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make Car-Net more convenient and relevant for our customers,” he said.

“With Siri Shortcuts, creating voice commands to use with the mobile app was a great opportunity to do just that. Integration with Siri helps our drivers keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

The new feature will also help drivers in case of theft of their vehicles, with the security features that Car-Net offers for US$17/month, drivers will have security and service features like automatic crash notifications, roadside assistance and location assistance in case your vehicle is stolen.

In addition, if your vehicle is stolen with the Siri features, you can honk the horn, flashlights and see the last parking spot of the vehicle, drivers should feel more secure now, thanks to Apple and Volkswagen.

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