How social media network companies are fighting drugs.

Today social media networks are being used for a lot of purposes and people are taking advantage of the connections with people around the world to sell things and provide services. In the many things that social networks offer, drug dealers also do business on them, share information and contacts, sell and receive drugs easier.


With the large connections between people, social networking companies have gone against the selling and sharing of information on drugs using their networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are taking measure to stop this use that is against the law, specifically the wrong use of opioids in a merge called Tech Together to Fight the Opioid Crisis. Facebook is now also using Artificial intelligence to examine content that is related to drugs before the users receive them.

Facebook to use artificial intelligence to identify drug dealers.


Facebook going Anti-drug. The American Social Networking Company Facebook is reportedly using AI-powered proactive detection to identify images and content related to drugs before the images are seen or received by users. Facebook hopes that these new measures will make their page less useful to drug dealers.

According to the Facebook Public Policy Head in the US, Kevin Martin, this technology detects content including images of drugs, “Our technology is able to detect content that includes images of drugs and depicts the intent to sell with information such as price, phone numbers or usernames for other social media accounts,” he explained.

In addition, he says that using AI to find such images, human moderators will have to take more time for trickier tasks like ‘ identifying trends un drug sales, and finding pages, groups, and hashtags related to  drug use”

The merge in fighting the use of Opioids.

In the US alone reports estimate that more than 2 million people depend on opioids, legal and illegal.

With this much results of users, results show that last year over 49,000 people in the US died due to overdose on the drug.

Now, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have come together in fighting the opioid crisis.

The merge between the social networks is called Tech Together to Fight the Opioid Crisis. It aims to share the best strategies to fight opioid addiction.

“Facebook services allow friends, families and support networks to help one another through challenging times, making it easier for people who are struggling with addiction or helping loved ones in this battle get the resources they need,” says Kevin Martin.

He adds that they are looking forward to finding ways to increase their impact through collaborating and supporting important work with the new industry alliance.

Know that the heads of these companies are set to meet to speak with expert organizations in addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery to spur the work and help the community.


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