South Africa avails long-term visas for Kenyans.

From December this year, the South African government has agreed to offer long-term visas to Kenyan citizens traveling to South Africa.

South Africa visas


After talks between the Kenyan and South African ministers of Home Affairs, South Africa and Kenya yesterday came to an agreement of availing long term visas to all Kenyans traveling to South Africa. Kenyans will be able to enter in South Africa for as many times as they want starting from the 1st December and from the agreed date of the implementation of the decisions, Kenyans traveling to south africa for less than 30 days will be able to enter visa free in South Africa. This agreement will strengthen the relations between two countries and has many advantages for all their citizens including Kenyan students who are studying in South Africa. The agreement is set to take effect from the 1st of December this year.


From the 1st of December, Kenyan citizens will be able to get visa entry which will be valid for up to 10 years.

Know that Kenyans were previously restricted to only one entry into South Africa for a period of time.

The Minister of Home Affairs in Pretoria and that of Kenya had announced this agreement after talks they had yesterday 5th November 2018.

This will reinforce relations between Kenya and SA in many ways as the Kenyan president envisioned that facilitation the visa applications and untightening the visa restrictions will strengthen trader partnership between the countries and would foster “Pan-Africanism”

Now Kenyans traveling to South Africa for less than a month will be able to travel and enter without any visa.

The agreement also facilitates students studying in South African, Kenyan Students studying in South Africa will be able to get study visas matching the duration of the studies and will be able to renew them when needed.

With this agreement, Frequent travelers will also be able to get multiple visas valid for 3 years.

In addition, the statement from the Home Affairs Ministry states that government officials traveling on official business will be able to get, with immediate effect, a 3 months free visa.

The two countries are also fighting against illegal trafficking and migration by protecting the integrity of travel documents and digitalizing the entry and exit records of travelers,  “the two governments are also in consultation on the strategies to mitigate transnational crimes, especially human trafficking and smuggling emanating from elsewhere in the continent and beyond,” the statement adds.

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