South Africa begins to import the Electric Vehicles(EVs).

The shift towards electric mobility is gaining momentum. Several manufacturers are looking to the future and introducing electric vehicles (EVs) to the mass market. The South African country is beginning to import these fuel-less cars.

THE BIG PICTURE: The electric cars are charged using a PowerCharge station or ChargeNow public charging stations when they have run out of power. They do not use the fuel like the current ones we are familiar with. The EVs can be charged from a household power source or even solar panels attached to the EV which accumulates solar power and then enable the car to keep moving.

The main reason for Electric Vehicles manufacturing.

Joburg magazine reports about the reason why electric cars are being manufactured at a higher rate. It writes: “With global warming escalating at a higher rate than we can curb it, car manufacturers are looking towards lithium-ion driven engines to lessen our carbon footprint”.

Electric vehicles are set to increase their presence on South African roads as more car manufacturers announce their intention to enter the industry in response to global trends, reports Tech Central.

In 2018 alone, at least 1.6 million electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in the US, Europe, and China, and the uptake is only set to increase.

Automakers are steadily moving towards electric vehicles as the technology behind them improves, and hybrids are becoming increasingly common on roads around the world.

This is according to Jaguar Land Rover South Africa network director and electrification team leader Brian Hastie, who says the “exponential growth” in the uptake of electric vehicles globally will impact South Africa significantly because as models are developed, they will become available to South African vehicle manufacturers and consumers”, Tech Central added.

Jaguar Land Rover announced that it will be launching its own electric vehicle to the South African market on 1 March, after its global launch of EVs last year.

EVs designed for City driving and short distances.

These vehicles are designed for the city and for short distances, but the latest generation of electric vehicles are beginning to improve their range capability to enable long-distance driving.

While electric cars aren’t prevalent in the local market at present, things are changing steadily and in the coming days, the electric cars will flood local markets globally.

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