South Africa: The alleged ‘resurrected man’ arrested, the pastor denies having power to ‘resurrect’.

The man who was declared dead and “resurrected” by the DR Congo-born prophet Alph Lukau, of Alleluia Ministries International, was reportedly arrested, according to his former employer. The pastor in turn who performed the ‘stunt resurrection’ denies having the power to resurrect the dead men.

A video grab showing the pastor Alph Lukau ‘resurrecting’ the ‘dead’ man from the coffin.

The reports of his arrests come after a purported resurrection stunt performed by the pastor Alph Lukau and the video of his ‘resurrection’ video went viral on social media showing the man being resurrected from the coffin.

This resurrection stunt has prompted the South Africans to stage various mock resurrections stunts to challenge this ‘resurrection’. Investigations have been launched in order to regulate these so-called ‘miracles’ in the South African churches.

‘The pastor denies having the power to resurrect’.

The pastor involved in the stunt resurrection in South Africa has shifted blame to the ‘resurrected’ man’s family, thus denying all responsibilities for this stunt resurrection.

According to News24, Alph Lukau said he was busy with a sermon on Sunday when he was interrupted and told that a person in a coffin had been brought to the church.

“Before entering the premises of the church, the coffin began to shake, meaning the person was alive,” Lukau explained.

He said when they heard that the man in the coffin was alive, they began to pray for him, made him stand and ushered him inside the church.

The ‘resurrected’ man loves to lie’

The ‘resurrected man’ has since been identified as Elliot or Brighton, following the viral “miracle” of Johannesburg, South Africa, which many believe has been staged. One of Brighton’s former employers, Vincent, revealed the extent of his deception and the fact that he had been arrested.

According to AfrikaMag, it was not the first masquerade that Brighton did. Elliot has already claimed to have been locked in a wheelchair so that the pastor can “heal” him in front of the crowd.

Various social media users have also shared old photos of Brighton, thus mocking Elliot of his lies as ‘a professional stunt performer

‘Funeral parlor to sue the pastor’.

Meanwhile, the South African funeral parlor, kings and Queens Funeral Services, has declared it intends to sue the South Africa pastor who triggered the resurrection challenge.

The funeral parlor said in a statement: ” As kings and Queens Funeral Services, we would like to distance ourselves from the supposed resurrection of a deceased man by Hallelujah Ministries who allegedly was at our mortuary. We were approached by alleged family members of the deceased who informed us they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral service provider and would like to use our transport services which we offered them”.

The statement goes on saying: “We did not supply the coffin neither did we store the deceased at our mortuary and no paperwork was processed by Kings and Queens Funerals. As a Funeral Services Provider we offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork”.

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