Technology: 9 coding languages invented by Women.

Women are rarely recognized and credited for inventions and creativity, but they have done great things around the world. In technology, here are 9 coding languages in which women invented and took great responsibility in their creation.

1.The first assembling language ARC

ARC assembly language was the first assembler and autocode assembly language invented by a woman called Kathleen Booth in 1950.

This assembly language was used in the first computer systems at Birkbeck College and the University of London.

2. Address

Address is one of the worlds high-level programming systems which was invented by a woman called Kateryna Yushchenko in 1955. This programming language was implemented on all of the first and second generation produced in the Soviet Union.

It was used for solving economical problems, including aviation, space exploration. Machine building, and military complex like calculating the trajectories of ballistic missiles in flights.

3. Smalltalk

Smalltalk is an object-oriented programming language was invented by 2 women called Adele Goldberg and Diana Merry along with other 4 members at Xerox PARC in 1980.

Created and designed for educational use as a language to underpin the new world by human-computer symbiosis.

In 2017, the program was the second, nominated the most loved programming language.


Common Business Oriented Language COBOL is a high-level programming language invented by a woman, computer scientist named Grace Hopper in 1959, along with other members of a data system language conference.

The programming language is “a compiled English-like computer program” which was designed for business use. It is used in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments.


BBC BASIC is a programming language invented by a woman called Sophie Wilson in 1981, at the Cambridge University along with her colleagues.

This was a version of an existing programming language but it included more features and functionality.

6. Coq


In 1991, a woman called Christine Paulin-Mohring with 8 members of her team invented an interactive theorem prover known as a coding language Coq.

This programming language allows the expression of mathematical assertions, it mechanically checks the proofs of the assertions and finds formal proofs and extracts a certified formal constructive proof.


FORmula MAnipulation Compiler FORMAC was an algebra system invented by a woman and computer scientist called Jean Sammet in 1962.

This programming language supported computation, manipulation, and use of symbolic expressions.


Logo is an educational programming language which was invented by a woman called Cynthia Solomon in 1967 along with other members of her team.

Created as a “mathematical land” for children to play with words and sentences, Logo used artificial Intelligence, math logic, and developmental psychology and can be used to teach all computer science concepts.


CLU, a programming language at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT was invented by a woman and computer scientist called Barbara Liskov between 1974-1975.

It introduced many features that are used today and seen as an inspiration in the development of Object-Oriented programming (OOP).

Women have played a big part n the development of technology till today, they have taken important roles and have strongly impacted the domain of computer data processing.

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