The 7 points discussed in the meeting of ministers led by H.E Pierre Nkurunziza.

According to the general secretary of state, ministers had a meeting which was led by the president H.E Pierre Nkurunziza this Wednesday 31st October 2018.


On Wednesday 31st October 2018, the president of Burundi HE Pierre Nkurunziza led a meeting with ministers. On the agenda, they talked about 7 major points namely, the order on slaughterhouses in Burundi, the project of equipping the technical control service center with modern equipment, the memorandum between the ministry of culture and sports of Burundi and that of the Russian Federation, the memorandum between Burundi and the Kingdom of Saudi arabia on the matters os security and catastrophe management, the allegation of a Rwandese plane that trespassed the territory of Burundi, and two final points concerning the ministry of energy and mines in Burundi.


The council analyzed the project concerning slaughterhouses and slaughter areas, the order concerning the health inspection, conditions and procedures of animal and origin of food products for animals and the order concerning the test of slaughtered animals and veterinary inspection on the health of the meat and other related products.

Slaughterhouses and butcheries play a role in the hygiene and protection of the health of the population, therefore, to preserve the hygiene of the environment against pollution from the wastes from these slaughterhouses a decree was implemented to take corrective measures.

The decree was put into action on the 9th July 2013 with activities of inspection of animals and products that come from them.

The implementation of the decree requires implementation of texts to correct the ineffectiveness seen in slaughterhouses and slaughtering areas, their operations and responsibility in monitoring epidemiological diseases of animals as animal diseases are on the rise.

All these proposed and studied on projects were adopted but with minor corrections to be done.

In addition, The counsel also analyzed the project ordering the modernization of technical control services for automobiles. After debate and exchange on this issue, the   realized the urgent need for availing modern equipment for technical control of automobiles but that the work needs to be worked on “some aspects”, in this case, they then put in place a team composed of ministers to bring in the council a corrected project reworked on in a time limit of 2 weeks.

The council also analyzed the memorandum of understanding between the ministry of culture and sports and ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. This memorandum will add value to Burundi in various ways including little-exploited areas like theaters, music, arts, and libraries.

This will come to strengthen more on the already existing privileged relations between the two countries.

In this view, the council adopted that the construction of the house of culture to make the “Rundi” academy operational begin as soon as possible.

Another point analyzed on the agenda was the one concerning the project of the memorandum between Burundi and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the matters of security and the management of catastrophe which project was adopted by the council.

Among other topics on the agenda, the minister of National Defense and Veterans informed Council that the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region found the complaint officially claimed by Burundi of the violation and trespassing of the Burundian territory by a Rwandan plane.

Lastly, the council asked the minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines to avail all the needs necessary to equip the laboratory of Analysis and Control (LACA) to allow analyses in the mining sector to be carried out on site and to report to the Council of Ministers on the state of the sector after the decision to suspend artisanal mining.

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