The Burundian Parliament rejects the African Union president’s words on Ndadaye case.

The National Assembly rejects the argument put forward by the President of the African Union Commission, Mr Mahamat Moussa Faki, who considers the judicial proceedings against the alleged perpetrators of the assassination of Melchior NDADAYE, the first democratically-elected President, as an act that could undermine national unity and hamper the activities of the Commission for Trust and Reconciliation.

After the issuance of the international arrest warrant by Burundi government calling on the immediate arrest of the former Burundian President, Pierre Buyoya(accused of complicity and participation in the Ndadaye assassination), the African Union President, FAKI Mahamat Moussa, didn’t approve of this Burundi initiative.

THE BIG PICTURE: The government of Burundi under President Pierre Nkurunziza had issued an international arrest warrant against the former president of the country, Pierre Buyoya, 11 senior members of the security forces (army and gendarmerie), and 5 of his close close civilian allies for what it claims to be their involvement in the assassination of the country’s first ever democratically elected Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye in 1993.

The AU Commission seemed unsatisfied with the arrests warrants and released a statement on Saturday calling on the Burundian government to avoid any form of judicial measures that could threaten the peaceful development and consensus currently going on in the country.

In a press conference today December 05, 2018, the Burundi parliament rejected vehemently the words of the AU President. In a statement released by the Burundi parliament.

It stated that Burundi National assembly rejects the arguments put forth by the  of the African Union President, Moussa Faki Mahamat, who considers that the decision of Burundi[on the Ndaddaye case] should threaten the peace and stability both  nationally and internationally, and that it could disrupt the endeavors that have been done by the Truth and reconciliation so far.

The statement of the Burundi Parliament says that The AU Commission said that the truth about the Ndadaye assassination could be surfaced by the Truth and reconciliation commission. It further stated that Burundi is not in a state of crisis not to handle this case.

For the Burundi National Assembly, it disagrees with the arguments put forward that this prosecution by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Burundi would be a political manipulation or diversionary tactic.

The Burundi parliament also categorically rejects the idea that the activities carried out by the judicial institutions would complicate the search for a consensual solution in the context of the inter-Burundian dialogue.

The Burundi Parliament urges the international organizations to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Burundi that fall under national sovereignty and let Burundian judiciary do its work.

This statement of the Burundi parliament comes after the strong denial by the Burundi envoy to the United Nations, Albert Shingiro, who called upon the African Union President to ‘stop infantilize and interfering in the Burundian affairs’.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This disagreement between the African Union Commission and Burundi government is surfacing again to create a gap in diplomatic relationships. It should be remembered that the AU Commission recently recommended Burundi to ‘let in independent and military experts to do a thorough investigation of the alleged war crimes.


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