Uganda: Drug abuse and the Use of fetishes in schools condemned by Bishop Kyibira

During a parents’ Annual General Meeting at Buryansungwe secondary school in Kitagwenda county, The bishop of Kasese Diocese Rt. Rev Francis Aqvinirus  Kyibira has condemned acts of taking drugs like marijuana and cocaine among students in different schools across Uganda.

Drugs are now everywhere in this country and are in many schools which have made our children fail to concentrate in schools and even at the universities,” the Bishop said.

This bishop attributed the rampant drug abuse to the Western Culture which African children are copying regularly. “Actually, today the situation of this country is changing a lot and we have influences that are coming from Europe, America and other parts of the world. Our children already at a very early age are learning certain habits which we in the 1960s, 70s, 80s did and not know about,” says the Bishop.

He also indicated that most students have dropped out of school as a result of abusing drugs. Other students resort to faking illness and seek permission to go home only to end up in spots where they take drugs.

According to the study done in June 2013 by the National Drug Authority (NDA), Drug abuse has become a part of everyday life for hundreds of children, in Uganda’s schools today. Many children start abusing drugs as young as 11. By the age of 25, eight in 10 students say they have ever taken some drugs–including alcohol, Kuber, cigarettes, Shisha, marijuana, and Khart.

Data from the survey shows that alcohol tops the list of drugs abused by students at 77.7 percent, followed by Kuber at 34 percent, cigarettes (29.5) shisha (21.4), Marijuana (17.9), Kaht (17.0), Murah (8.0), Cocaine (6.3), and then Murah and Miraj. According to the research, the percentage of students taking drugs is significantly higher in boarding schools 25% as compared to day schools at 15%. More so, the percentage of students taking drugs is higher in private 31% as compared to Government schools. We can read it on New vision.

On the other hand, Bishop Kybira warned parents to shun visiting witchdoctors to acquire fetishes for school children.

We found out that there are some parents who give fetishes to students when they come to school claiming that these fetishes will protect or give them knowledge. This ruins the initiative of our students in working hard during school time.” He said.

How can students be given kind of that spirit to trust fetishes? It’s your parents who give away fetishes to destroy the future of your children.”He added

He asked parents and their children to attach their lives only to God instead of believing in witchcraft. You can also read it on Soft Power News.

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