Ugandan ambassador to Burundi recalled from Bujumbura, urged to resign.

After a long debate on assault charges against the convoy of the Ugandan ambassador to Burundi, Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, Ugandan Parliament yesterday passed a resolution to recall Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi, who is accused of assaulting a traffic police officer Sgt Esther Namaganda.

THE BIG PICTURE: Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza is accused of assaulting the female police officer in Kampala when the latter attempted to prevent his convoy of not making an unauthorized U-turn in the city center last week on Sunday. But, Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza’s military guards assaulted her physically, and the video of the assault went viral on social media.

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonz was filmed in this viral video looking on passively when his guards were assaulting the traffic female police officer.

A video grab shows Kyaligonza and his guards assaulting a female police officer in Kampala.

According to the Ugandan Observer, the resolution to recall him from diplomatic service was based on a motion tabled by the chairperson of Uganda Parliamentary Women’s Association (UWOPA), Pamela Kamugo Nasiyo, observing that the actions of Kyaligonza together with his bodyguards were demeaning and disrespectful of women in Uganda.


After the backing of Ugandan MPs, it was demanded that the ambassador, Kyaligonza, to be recalled immediately back to Uganda from Burundi.

Kyaligonza to resign‘.

Ugandan Observer reported that Kyaligonza may resign due to his demeaning actions, thus making him not qualified to take on the work of representing Uganda in Burundi.

 “The appointing authority should withdraw Kyaligonza, I know the people of Burundi will not accept him. Kyaligonza doesn’t reflect the character of Uganda, he must resign. He should also be held accountable by compensating the officer he assaulted.” said Mitooma Woman MP Jovah Kamateeka.

“If there are issues under which public officers should resign, this is one of them. Kyaligonza carries a title of His Excellency and that makes the case grave for a man of his caliber. This parliament ought to call on Maj Kyaligonza to resign.” Kivumbi said.

A U-turn to avoid chaos‘.

In an earlier excuse, Kyaligonza said that his convoy made a ‘U-turn to avoid the chaos’.

In a telephone interview with Daily Monitor, Maj Gen Kyaligonza said as they were traveling, they found two vehicles that had been involved in an accident and the occupants had created a chaotic scene, and his drivers make a U-turn to avoid the already chaotic scene.

Kyaligonza’s bodyguards accused of assaulting the female police officer are already arrested for investigations.

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