What you need to know about Burundi’s statement at the UNGA 73 in New York

The Burundian minister of foreign affairs at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York asked for the removal of Burundi from the United Nations security councils agenda.

Why it matters: Burundi a small country in the East African Region has been through rough times in politics since 2015 where there were disputes between the opposition and the government which rose with the decision of president Nkurunziza deciding to run for another term. The opposition held manifestations which broke out to be violent and hundreds of people died since then European countries took sanctions on Burundi.

The Burundian minister of foreign affairs Mr Ezeckiel Nibigira at the UNGA in New York stated that “The place that Burundi deserves today is not in the oval hall of the Security Council. It should be at the level of the United Nations agencies in charge of development to boost its economic recovery.”

Ezekiel Nibigira recalled that his country organized on May 17, “in calm and serenity” as he said he reminded them that Burundi organized a constitutional referendum which was promulgated on the 7th June this year.

On that day the President announced in his speech to the nation that his second term of office will end in 2020 and he is ready to support the new President who will then be elected.

Minister Nibigira also pointed out that the spirit of tolerance, sanitation and openness of the political space is growing stronger in Burundi with evidence of the return of several thousand refugees and political leaders who had fled the country.

About the upcoming elections in 2020

Minister Nibigira explained at the UNGA the new national electoral commission will be set up while respecting political, ethnic, regional and gender inclusion. Now you can know that more than 20 political parties are preparing for the 2020 elections.

About the European sanctions

The Minister pointed out that the context of the EU’s unilateral economic sanctions “in the wake of the 2015 election fever” has been “fundamentally changed” since then.

In the recent report on the human rights activities in Burundi which was denied by the people of Burundi and the government, the Burundian Minister denounced “the dangerous tendency of some States to want to transform the Human Rights Council into a pressure tool. policies and regulation of geopolitics in the countries of the South “.
“the situation in Burundi is calm, stable and under control”, said Nibigira on the security situation in Burundi and added “a positive finding shared by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General and the Security Council.”

The Minister once again asked all the countries hosting the putschists of 13 May 2015 to extradite them to Burundi, so that they will answer for their actions in court.


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