Why are Burundians regularly arrested in Kenya?

Burundians attempting to go to the Middle East face arrests when arriving in Kenya, a country widely seen as a major hub for travelers and ‘undercover migrants’ to the Middle East in search of a ‘better life’.

Kenya Police arrested a man who was allegedly attempting to traffic two Burundians to Saudi Arabia.

The Star, the Kenyan media outlet, reports of Francis Njuguga Kagunda who was arrested on Thursday evening by Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives.

Two Burundians victims, namely; Nduwimana Gretta,(29) and Nzigimana Rebecca,(31) were intercepted as they prepared to board a plane to Saudi Arabia, according to a report by The Star.

Last month, detectives arrested a taxi driver and rescued two Burundi nationals suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

The two women were intercepted by police as they also prepared to depart the country to the Middle East.

Kenya has been flagged as a source, transit, and destination country for persons subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in East Africa.

But why do Burundians go on flooding to the Middle East?

Reports indicate that a large number of Burundians are embarking to the Middle East in a search of a ‘better life’. Some ‘migrants’ are driven by ‘promising high paying jobs’ they are told by the human traffickers.

Most countries destinations for Burundians are like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some developing countries of the Middle East.

These human traffickers seduce especially young women and boys and promise them that they will live a better life in the Middle East.

‘Not all that glitter is gold’.

When these migrants reach their dream destinations, they find that what they dreamed and coveted to be gold has turned into bitter disappointment, a ‘trojan horse experience’. Some find themselves turned into sex slaves of their Arab masters, others subjected to forced labor.

One female Burundian migrant who told RegionWeek on condition of anonymity said that the calvary she went through when she reached her Middle east destination cannot be expressed in words.

“I was blackmailed in all sorts, threatened to be raped if I disclose anything I saw…I finally landed on some ‘good samaritan’ who took me in, provided that I kept my secrecy about my country of origin‘, she told RegionWeek.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Burundian authorities should be on the high alert by arresting the human traffickers who come and trick into fake scams of better-paying jobs from, but instead they want to ‘sell’ if we say it literally, Burundian offspring.



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