Why Burundi and Rwanda frosty ties did not feature in the EAC Summit?

As it was expected that the Rwanda and Burundi frosty ties would be a subject to discuss on in the 20th EAC summit on February 1, 2019, it turned out that this thorny question did not feature in the EAC summit.

On his return from Arusha, Gaston Sindimwo, the Representative of Burundi Head of State in the February 1, 2019, EAC summit, explained the reason.

Gaston Sindimwo stated that even if the question of frosty ties between Rwanda anf Burtundfi did not fetarure in the EAC summit, the main important thing is that the ‘EAC Heads of states have seen the writing of Pierre Nkurunziza asking for an extraordinary summit in order to discuss the Burundi and Rwanda relationships since 2015′.

Meanwhile, Rwanda’s Kagame has been nominated by the East African Community to be the Chairman of the EAC block, in replacement of the outgoing of Uganda’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has also been tasked by the EAC to oversee the political federation process of the regional bloc.

This means that, as said by President Museveni, the EAC Secretary General will now be responsible for offering political guidance to his team of the EAC political federation which is expected to present an interim report within seven months.

EAC member states very laconic on Burundi crisis.

As it has been observed, the EAC member states have manifested a laconic or reticent stance on the Burundi crisis. This means that they ‘don’t care anymore’ about it.

RFI reported that Gaston Sindimwo has tried to raise the question of Burundi and Rwanda frosty ties, but his words fell on ‘thorny ground’, the audience did not pay attention to it.

The EAC still announces to be in touch with Burundi crisis question. “Mkapa has definitively retired as a facilitator and heads of state mainly Museveni of Uganda, Magufuri of Tanzania and Kenyatta of Kenya will continue direct consultations with President Pierre Nkurunziza”, this was part of the EAC Summit joint communiqué.

One diplomat told RFI that Burundi case has been buried by the EAC block. “The Burundi case has almost been buried, but the EAC wants to keep the hand on the subject despite the demands of the African Union”, the dipalomat said.

Thorny issue to solve.

Rwand and Uganda have also been in simmering frosty ties in recent days. Analyst see that these new roles of Musevenia and Kagame may make it difficult to solve these frosty ties between these three EAC membwer states.

Then how will Yoweri Museveni, Kagame Paul, and Pierre Nkurunziza be in a position to solve this thorny issue while these three heads of states do have some internal misunderstanding between them?


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